Warranty, Replacement, Cancellation and Refund Policy


While we thank you for considering to purchase our products through our website, our assurance is to:

We pride ourselves on keeping all of our manufacturing in-house, sourcing English Willow cleft from United Kingdom. We produce some of the best handcrafted and unique cricket bats. Our in-house manufacturing ensures excellent quality control from start to finish, providing the highest quality in pressing, balance, punch and performance.


Warranty And Terms And Conditions

Machine cricket bats and products are covered against manufacturing faults for 12 months from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise. Bats or products that incur accidental damage that we feel could not have been effected by any manufacturing process will not be covered by our warranty, manufacturing of natural products cannot cover every eventuality of the sport.


Warranty excludes normal wear and tear, misses, accidental or deliberate damage to the edges or toe due to insufficient knocking in and preparation.


What Warranty Covers


  1. Any defect occur in fixing of handle due to improper manufacturing defect will be covered under warranty protection.

In this case customer need to ship the bat back to the manufacturing unit and we will replace the handle in the bat and will ship it back to the to the customer.


  1. Any breakage in Handle of cricket bat in time span of 12 months from the date of purchase. In this case customer need to ship the bat back to the manufacturing unit and we will replace the handle in the bat and will ship it back to the to the customer
  2. We also provide 12-month free repair service to our all range of cricket bats.

In this customer needs to send the bat back to the manufacturing unit, once we will receive the cricket bat we will assess the bat and will send you confirmation of receiving of your cricket bat. Then we will do the repair and ship the bat back to your given shipping address.


Faults Not Covered

Normal wear and tear

Deliberate damage or misuse

Yorker damage to the toe resulting in toe split or cracks

Edge damage from ball impact or mistiming of shot

Impact damage by poor grade, very hard balls

Water damage by rain or damp wickets

Toe feathering – Caused by lack or oiling & overzealous bat taping

Damage caused by poor storage conditions – too damp or dry


If you believe that warranty applies to the damage of your bat, it must be returned to the Machine manufacturing unit, where an analysis of the damage will be made.


Rrturn & Replacment of product

Replacement of cricket bats:

  1. Replacement can only be made if the replacement is requested within 5 days once item is delivered.
  2. A cricket bat can be replaced only if the product is unused and kept with all accessories sent along with bat.
  3. The cricket bat can only be replaced if there is a manufacturing defect in the cricket bat.
  4. the cricket bat can be replaced with same model or higher to the purchased model and the difference amount need to be prepaid by customer.
  5. If the product is found used by the customer, then it will not be replaced and it will be sent to customer as it is.
  6. The product can be replaced If the wrong size product is delivered

What doesn’t cover under replacement policy:


Our motto is to give always the good punch and proper pressing of English willow bat that you order. As are all the products being custom made so it can lead to following:

To make the proper pressing of willow few millimetre can be differ to order product in dimension not the size of bat that you ordered.

To make the right strength in the bat and proper pickup few gram of bat can differ to the ordered product.



Of course we’re not happy when you cancel orders. But we do understand there are times these may be placed inadvertently, or there is a change of mind.

As our all the bats are custom made Product so it can be only cancelled if the cancellation in made under 6 hr from the time of order placed.

For the cancellation kindly reach us through phone/ whatsapp for cancellation. Emails are sometimes not fast enough. We’re off Sundays and National Holidays – no shipments, hence no cancellations on these days.



Refund is only applicable for the cancelled order.

The money will be credit to same source from where the payment was made and reflection of money can 6-8 business days, as it handled from the bank and can also be delayed if cancellation in made on holidays. for both domestic and internattional payment mode

We are to liable for refund if the criteria don’t match to our cancellation policy.


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