Affordable Premium

This bat is good for all kind of players that play occasional cricket or pursing cricket at professional level this is very decent bat to play on any occasion, this is a go to bat  if you looking for everything in mid budget.


The traditional full blade profile and flowing contoured spine combine to show off a smooth and well-rounded bat profile, ideal for dynamic stroke-makers.


Crafted by experienced and skilled makers. This bat has Aerodynamic pick up which allows you to play attacking shots very easily and it is also very well balanced

Premium Leather

The gloves themselves feature premium sheep leather palm, which offer both fantastic levels of grip over an innings, and great durability over the course of a long season.

Strongly Protected

All the fingers are protected with a strong fibre plates that helps in manoeuvring the bat, while also distributing the impact of the ball.

Traditional Design

This is one of the traditional design of gloves that is made form the from very long time in game of cricket. All the finger are protection in a sausage pattern

Feather Weight

These pads are made with top quality material, best in safety but still it is very light weight it and almost feels nothing when you wear it.

Hard pressed

This bat is completely hard-pressed that ensures good strength and good punch when you play with this bat.

Thick Fibre Shield

in this both thigh pads the front is fitted with thick uniform fibre shield that easily takes impact of ball no matter what is the speed it is tested with 160+ speed . So you can totally feel safe while wearing it.

Dual Sides

In this thigh pads you get two pads for both of your thigh so you can play fearless cricket and makes you feel more confident while hitting the ball.


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